Located at a kiosk in the south wing.

“Diana Hanson, known as Glassygrandma, is a local artist from Mahomet, IL. She has always loved arts and crafts, but after retirement her focus has been on making Lampwork beads. Lampwork dates back to the fifth century B.C. Venetian glass workers heated their glass with an oil lamp, which is where the term originated. Today, oxygen and propane connected to a torch is used. Each piece is one of a kind and can take up to 1.5 hours of torch time to complete. She uses what they call soft glass coe 104. Components of glass rods, frit, stringers and murrini are all handmade by Glassygrandma. The handmade components make the most interesting and unique items. She makes everlasting glass flowers, bobble heads, wine stoppers, fan pulls, jewelry and beads to match your outfit or holiday attire, and so much more.”

She posts to her Facebook group, Glassygrandma, and links to Lincoln Square when she will be open weekly, usually on Saturdays.