RegCakes Bakery

Located in the South Wing, Suite 142

RegCakes bakery is a dedicated gluten-free facility aimed at providing the community with delicious, hard-to-find, fresh-baked gluten free items.  Our original cakes are the highlight of our menu:  cupcakes, layer cakes, sheet cakes, wedding cakes, in a huge variety of flavors, loved by our community (gluten-free eaters and wheat-eaters, alike!) since 2015.  We also offer cinnamon rolls and an assortment of other desserts, breads, breakfast items, and drinks.   All of our products are celiac-safe.  Visit our website at for updated hours.  Walk-in to choose from our daily selection of items, or special order cakes and larger quantities through our website, and follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep up with our latest offerings. 

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